Top 14 most Eco-friendly cars of 2019

Irrespective of what many people would like to believe, climate change and global warming are issues that need an immediate solution. We no longer need any evidence to confirm that even our worst speculations for the future might be true. If we keep on accelerating with our carbon emissions like we are doing now, this would lead to severe consequences. Therefore, it is necessary that we start taking preventive measures right now. In place of conventional gadgets, we should start preferring eco-friendly machines. This is one of the only ways we can assure a safe future for the next generation.

Why buy eco-cars?

One of the many ways to show that you care for the environment is to drive a low carbon emission that is electric vehicles. These Eco-friendly machines had a reputation of unattractive design and boring driving experience, but from the last five years, we are seeing some desirable options in the green vehicle market. The new entries are more appealing than ever and we are highlighting some of the best. So, if you want to purchase an environmentally friendly vehicle, this is the perfect place. These electric/hybrid Eco-friendly cars are not only emitting less carbon, but they will also give you a joyful drive and envious looks from passersby.

  1. Chevrolet Volt

    Price: $36,620 (34 lakh)  ||   Range: 53 miles (85 km) 
    As per the American Council, Volt is one of the greenest cars from 2019. Volt has a gasoline engine that has an unlimited range, but the first 53 miles comes from the electric engine. With a powerful engine, comfortable cabin space, quick driving stats, and efficiency, it is the smartest electric hybrid.

  2. Hyundai Ioniq

    Price: $22, 200 (30 lakhs)   ||   Range: 110 miles (180 km) 
    With the lowest price among the hybrids and an impressive 58 mpg, Ioniq is one of the top choices among Eco-friendly cars. It sports an attractive cabin made with earth-friendly materials, impassive handling and user-friendly driving. If space is the priority for you, then again Ioniq is one the best choice as its hatchback built has 26.5 cubic feet of cargo space.

  3. Kia Niro

    Price: $23,340   ||   Range: 27 miles  
    The sub-compact SUV has comfortable and spacious seats, easy to drive technology and excellent cargo capacity in its segment. With 49 mpg combines, this is one of the most fuel-efficient hybrid SUV. Kia always offers deals and discounts, so you can check with the nearest store to find the recent price.

  4. Toyota Prius

    Price: $24, 500 – $31, 000 (38.96 lakhs)  ||   Range: 25 miles (40 km)  
    One of the most successful hybrids from Toyota, it has a high fuel economy. With variable transmission feature, Prius produces less carbon and its regenerative brake system uses braking energy to charge the battery.

  5. BMW i3

    Price: $48, 300   || Range: 97 miles
    Sporty handling and strong acceleration are the two factors that make BMWi3 favorite among hybrid enthusiasts. An impressive MPGe rating and 97 miles of pure electric run down, give it one of the best ratings among luxury plug-in hybrids. After 97 miles, the gasoline-powered engine kicks in to give you a total range of 180 miles.

  6. Lexus NX

    Price: $38,335 (53.18 lakhs)   ||   Range: 17 miles (27 km)
    Leading the hybrid luxury compact SUV class with one of the best in class fuel economy,  NX gives you a comfortable cabin and reliable safety features. With 31 MPG, it can save $600 per year for you that also making less impact on the environment. For the recent price and lease options, check with any nearby Lexus dealership.

  7. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

    Price: £24,799 – £45,545 (35 lakh INR onward) ||   Range – 33 miles (53 km)  
    With a 2.4L engine producing 133 bhp, the Mitsubishi hybrid beast has an electric range of 33 miles and once it is over, the petrol engine comes into action. It has an impressive CO2 emission of 40g/km.

  8. Honda Clarity

    Price: $34, 290 to $37, 490 (45-50 lakhs)   || Range: 48 miles (77 km)
    Honda expanded its electric car strength with the plug-in version of Clarity sedan. The movement of the car is based on 181-hp electric motor and a 17-kWh lithium-ion battery that can be charged from a 240-volt outlet within two and a half hours. From a standard 120 volt outlet it takes up to 12 hours.

  9. Ford Focus

    Price: $23, 390 to $36, 390   || Range : 105 miles
    A compact and environmentally friendly electric hatchback, Ford Focus is one of the most affordable choices, especially after $7, 500 federal tax waive off. It is powered by a 143-horsepower (107 kilowatts) and a 34-kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack.  The four-door zero-emission car hatchback is quietest and smoothest in its range. In combined conditions, it has a MPGe of 107.

  10. Nissan Leaf

    Price: $29, 990 (35 lakhs)   || Range: 107 miles (172 km)
    Affordable, efficient, environmentally friendly and likable – that is how we can define Nissan Leaf. The 150 bhp electric motor takes the car to 62 mph within 7.9 seconds. It is compact, but a spacious electric car that easily accommodates five passengers. One of the best choices for environment enthusiasts.

  11. Tesla Model 3 Long Range

    Price: $49, 000 (48 lakhs) ||   Range: 310 miles (499 km)
    Model 3 is Tesla’s most ambitious project till date and it looks like one. A 221 horsepower engine producing a torque of 302 lb-ft drives its rear wheel. Impressive tech integration, extraordinary handling and stylish exterior give it a futuristic look and feel.

  12. Volkswagen Golf GTE


    Price: £33 400 (25.62 lakh)   ||   Range: 31 miles (50 km)
    The car is as sporty as its name and has a tiny carbon output of 38g/km. Its 1.4-liter petrol engine combined with the electric motor produces 201bhp. The cost-effective and Eco-friendly hybrid comes with standard sat-nav and a large 8.5 inch infotainment touchscreen.

  13. Audi Q7 e-Tron

    Price: $139,900 (66.92 lakhs)   || Range: 23 miles (37 km)
    Perfect for families looking for extra cabin space, Q7 has a stylish and muscular exterior. With 3.0-liter petrol engine, the luxurious SUV gives you extremely pleasant driving experience. Its sound system is fabulous forcing you to drive some extra miles and the advanced security features are reliable in case of any unfortunate event.

  14. Smart EQ FORTWO Pure Coupe

    Price: $23, 900 (15.41 lakhs)   ||   Range: 58 miles (93 km)
    Built by Mercedes Benz, it is one of the greenest and  most Eco-friendly cars for you and your partner.  Press a button and the soft top will fold to give you a complete open sky, which is a unique feature within its class. It has a sitting capacity of two and limited cargo space, but its power and many comfortable driving makes up.

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