Owing to the constant problem of waste and lack of resources, recycling is something we need to start with asap. If the people in your neighborhood aren’t eco-conscious, it might be difficult for you. However, you must remember that someone someday has to start this trend. Since, in the near future, we might have to face a dearth of resources, recycling is inevitable. Therefore, if you start a firm that deals with recycling in one way or the other, you might lay foundations for something that would become very grand in the future. Unbelievable, isn’t it? We are sure that these 12 business ideas for making cash out of trash would definitely blow your mind.

12 Business ideas for making cash out of trash

Recycling, as the old ideology might compel you to believe, is not just about garbage collection and compost selling business. Apart from your charitable instincts that drive your initiative, green entrepreneurship, like any other business, requires strong business acumen, persistence, and an ability to think and dream big.

  1. Create a service for the edible waste.

food-to-distributeLarge scale companies normally buy food in excess, for their employees, to only dump them in dustbins, as waste.  You can actually capitalize on this lazy trend and create a business wherein you can arrange to collect the excess food to distribute to needy people down the street.

  1. Your ugly produce- the sob story!


Sometimes, vegetables can come in assorted shapes and sizes. However, it would be a good idea to buy the misshapen vegetables in the basket that are not usually picked by the customer, from supermarkets as they cost 30 percent less in comparison.

  1. Recycling of Electronic waste-don’t throw your cell phone!

Electronic Old computers and cell phones serve you even after they have outlived their utility. Companies would offer buy back schemes periodically, for these items, which can be refurbished. They could even be sold to spare part dealers so that they can find use for them.

  1. Bio-fuel production-: an alternative way to go


Although people have moved on from kerosene to computers, bio-fuel production is still a good idea when it comes to utilizing these waste matters, and on-going efforts to convert crude oil into fuels are expected to materialize someday.

  1. Used children clothing- a boon for the deprived.

children-clothingAs people from lower strata of society, in an attempt to keep up with the Joneses, search for designer clothes, it pays to open a second hand clothing shop for these deprived kids by purchasing designer clothes from the affluent segment at a lower price.

  1. Scrap metals recycling-how does it work?

Scrap metals recycling‘Scrap metal go-down’ is what you have to set up in order to sell your reclaimed metals to recycling companies. It starts with a basic minimum investment but yields rich dividends. Companies that manufacture nails and cutleries would collect your metal scraps and pay you a profitable margin.

  1. Junkyard furniture creations-great creative outlets!

Junkyard furnitureIf watching a junkyard, and its clumsy array of vehicle junk, inspires you with creative ideas, then go ahead, create offbeat furniture out of auto spare parts, and sell it at a fancy price.  Do not fear competition, as only experienced hands having a creative touch can try it.

  1. Disposal bin service- at your disposal

Disposal bin serviceRecycling the construction waste can actually be done by disposing them in a personal pickup truck. Fixing the right price, managing the pickup and delivery, and some business acumen is all you need to make good profits.

  1. Book binding and repairs-for the book fanatic

 Book-binding.If you are trying to monetize your reading instincts into a regular paying proposition, bind and repair old books in your spare time using the cheaply available bookbinding equipment. You can also set up transactions with second hand book dealers and book clubs.

  1. Recycling of Aluminium Cans-cash in on your pots and pans!

Recycling cans

Aluminium cans would not sound like an alluring option for business at the first sight.  But all it needs is a notice posted on a bulletin board or a business card with a message to be sent to the recycling companies, in nearby areas, for your old pans, to be picked up and purchased from the spot.

  1. Paper recycling-shredder is not the answer

Paper recyclingIf you are thinking of business, do not go beyond your home for the raw material, as the waste paper that collects in your trash bin can be processed through the machines, to produce tissue papers. Approach your neighbourhood for bundles of paper scraps, get them processed, and sell them to tissue manufacturing companies.

  1. Rubber waste recycling-: Do away with your old shoes!

Rubber waste recyclingThe only profitable business idea that you can generate for your old rubber wastes would be to sell them to companies that manufacture tyres and plastic furniture. Use rubber innovatively!

Five items you didn’t know you cold recycle

Research indicates that most of the waste generated today is recyclable. Lack of awareness regarding the recyclable use of most objects, plays a key part in this wastage process. Therefore, let us take a look at five such commonly used objects, which can be easily recycled.

1. Dental materials

Dental materialsDental materials are hardly thought of as being recyclable and are dumped into waste bin in most cases. However, all those braces and dentures are recyclable to a large extent. The metal and alloy part of all these materials can be recycled and reused. In fact, the dental association in Japan has started this trend by recycling most of the dental materials.

2. Diapers

We often dispose of diapers after babies or even adults use them. Nowadays, organizations which recycle such diapers are proving to be a boon to environmental conservation. They first separate the excreta or the waste from the diaper material. The next step is to extract the plastic to reuse it.

3. PVC material

PVC materialMost cards and wallets today consist either of PVC material or have a casing that contains PVC. After its use, most people tend to discard these PVC materials. In addition, you can submit these materials to recycling plants where they reuse these materials to produce new sheets of PVC.

4. Coffin

Though the thought sounds scary, it has actually been a great recycling method put into practice. Unused coffins are either buried or dumped off after their use. However, we can recycle to form lovely pieces of furniture. Coffin couches, a Californian organization, is one such company known for making furniture out of caskets.

5. Footwear

FootwearMost of the footwear consist of leather, rubber, plastic or even wood in some cases. All these objects are completely recyclable. Leather can be environmentally damaging to extract freshly each time, as most of it comes from the skin of animals. Moreover, plastic is another environment-degrading element. Recycling helps to keep the environment clean. Nike, the leading brand in Shoe and Apparel industry, has come up with a plan to recycle shoes. It treats the glue, material, rubber used in the shoe and reuses these materials.

Most of the materials today are recyclable and reusable. Researching on the internet regarding the recyclability of the items, can provide sound information and reduce wastage of resources.

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