This Week (6-12 Nov): The Best of Environment Blogs

The Environmental Legal Blogs inform that according to the Guardian and the CBC Canada the United States is in fact reducing its greenhouse gases at a rate faster than at least two other industrialized nations with more eco-friendly reputations, despite being oft-criticized for refusing to sign on to the Kyoto Protocol. comments that Congressman Strickland votes party line on the things he doesn’t care about and goes hog wild against the things that matter to him.

Forest Conservation Blog and The Earth Blog criticizes WWF, and even Greenpeace and Rainforest Action Network that they advocate misguided policies to log many if not most of the Earth’s ancient forests in an “environmentally sustainable” manner.

UK Home Office Minister, Hazel Blears replies to an interview on Radio4 which states ‘…that can be attributed to any major investigative breakthrough.’
Following this, comments that the remaining panic of the 7 July bombing still continues, even though the sound of the sirens of speeding police cars has stopped. And, when it eventually recedes, the more liberal view of habeas corpus will probably re-emerge. It further adds that the panic looks likely to exact a twofold cost: on the one hand a small minority will have their lives trashed through wrongful arrest; on the other, we will all be placed at increased risk of criminal attack because of false confessions, false intelligence and misdirected effort.

This week, the Hybrid Blog discusses on ‘extreme auto makeover’. Though they did not provide information on all hybrids this time, the blog introduces everyone interested in cars and how to chose them better. Their pickups, and SUVS may well create interest in the blog’s campaign to challenge the administration’s woefully inadequate proposal to change our fuel economy standards.

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