Life on Earth Was Born In A Clay Womb: Scientists

Clay wombs! Such primordial objects lie scattered around ocean floors, scientists demand. According to them, they played a crucial role in fostering early life on Earth. The clay structures were found in and around black smokers. These are volcanic vents found in deep waters, in and around ocean floor. They are so named, because they churn out hot black particles from the Earth’s crust. ‘By providing a haven for molecules brought up from the Earth’s interior, the wombs protected them from the harsh environment until they formed the most basic building blocks of life’, the scientists say. Black smokers form along the edges of mid-ocean ridges. The rich variety of chemicals they emit supports a unique ecosystem including bizarre bacteria and unique species of worms. Scientists believe that these hot, sulphur-rich waters may have been ideal for life to evolve.

Via: The Guardian

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