Sweeping Through Pesticide-borne Diseases

A ray of hope for the African descendants. Struggling with pesticide contaminated diseases for decades; the Africans can now breathe a sigh of relief about their children’s health. They may not have to fall victim in the hands of the demon reining the poor and the vulnerable as the Africa Stockpiles Programme (ASP) has put on its gloves to clean up and safely dispose of several thousand tonnes of obsolete pesticides that have accumulated throughout the African continent over the last four decades. It is also aiming to establish preventive measures to avoid future accumulation.
Through decades, these deadly chemicals have been threatening the environment and surrounding communities, contaminating food, water, soil and air, leaving the habitants with no option but to suffer till death. The benevolent ASP is marching to bring about a solution to the severe health crisis, but will it be able to bring about a sustainable development towards their health?

Via: Africa Stockpiles

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