Renewable energy is the future and a way to conserve natural resources

Renewable energy is the future

We know the various challenges and problems that revolve around our natural resources. With every passing year, we are slowly running out of natural resources. This is turn is causing various other environmental problems which, directly or indirectly, are affecting us. The major problem here is that the impact of the new style of living is causing a major damage to the environment. What makes this situation worse is that there are just a handful of people actually doing their part and working towards the betterment of the environment. However, not all the efforts that are presently being put are enough to cater to the actual impact on the environment.

Efforts and challenges met

going 100% renewable

Environmental experts have been working hard to come up with different kinds of solutions to help the environment and reduce the load. One of the methods that have shown some positive result is renewable energy. Despite the falling costs, the contributions made between solar and wind power towards the global electricity requirements is 5.5%. On the other hand, more significant sources such as Hydropower do come into the picture. These sources have the natural ability to cater to the energy needs worldwide but lack the necessary investment needed due to raising costs. When you look at the overall demand for electricity, not just residential needs have to be considered. Practically everything under this planet needs some form of electricity or energy source.

A look at some of the inspirational cities and countries

Although many countries are yet to come up with more lucrative steps to cater to the need of the hour, places like Germany plan to adopt various methods that can help generate at least 80% of their energy requirements through renewable energy by 2050. Similarly, even the State of California is working very hard to reach its goal on this front by 2020. So far, they are very close to their goal of using renewable sources for at least 1/3rd of their energy requirements. If other countries learn from them, the face of the situation and challenge will surely change for the best.

Tech giant Google is also doing its part


It is not just the responsibilities of the Governments worldwide to take lucrative measures towards protecting the environment’s resources. Even companies and industries have their own set of responsibilities that they need to look into. One of the biggest examples that are set in towards world is by the tech Giant- Google. This company already has a plan on the pipeline to shift their global operations across the globe to start operating through renewable energy. In fact, not only is the company the biggest buyer in the world for energy that is obtained through renewable sources, however, they have also taken various other measures to move towards their goal.

Solar power is another step that makes a difference

In a few parts of the world, coal has become so expensive that these places are now turning to solar power. Countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Jordan are all taking concrete and lucrative measures by investing in solar plants so that they can do their part to generate electricity. Apart from that, they also plan to increase the capacity of energy generating so that the overall expenses incurred are drastically reduced.

Technology plays an important role


Without a doubt, in order for any country to achieve their end goal, technology does play a vital role. In order to boost the efficiency of any industry, technology is the main key and driving force. With the latest technological advancements, countries across the world can take lucrative steps to protect the environment and its natural resources while ensuring that they fulfill energy requirements of their citizens. Apart from that, by using the help of technology, they can come up with solutions, which are not just efficient but also innovative.

By using state of the art systems and blending in the traditional principles and foundations, every country on the phase of the earth can be a part of the most challenging and changing mission of saving the natural resources. By turning to renewable energy, we are moving in a new direction towards a great future and preserving our environment at the same time.

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