Countries That Are Leading the Change in Renewable Energy

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Dependence on renewable energy is the need of the hour and various countries across the globe are embracing the change in the best ways possible. Following are the countries that top the list of countries that are leading the change in renewable energy.

Costa Rica

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Unique geography and the country’s determination for environmental preservation play a significant role in making Costa Rica a leading user of green energy. The country fulfils majority of its energy requirements by harnessing geothermal, wind, solar, hydroelectric and other green sources. Its entire population relied entirely on renewable energy power for 75 days in 2015, which is a record breaking achievement. Also, the country has plans and doing everything to become a carbon-neutral nation by 2021.

United States of America

The USA immensely supports the use of green energy. Renewable energy accounted for 13.44 percent in the US in 2015 and it is the fourth largest producer of hydroelectricity. California is a leading state in terms of green energy usage, as approximately 29% of its electricity comes from renewable sources that are RPS eligible. Although this progress maybe in doldrums after the Presidential elections, things could (hopefully) turn out for the better.


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Bangladesh is experiencing the fastest expansion of solar energy with a rapid increase in solar powered homes. The government introduced a scheme known as SHS (solar home systems) that mainly targeted the 40% population that had no access to electricity. The scheme has turned out to be of great help for people and the environment altogether.


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Considering the total green energy production, China comes second on the list. China became the world’s largest producer of photovoltaic power in 2015. The country also made a name in generating water, solar and wind energy, which is more than the quantity generated by France and Germany altogether.


Denmark is all determined to achieve its goal of becoming a country that gets 50 percent of power from the renewable resources by 2020 and a 100% renewable country by 2050. The country has been a pioneer in harnessing wind energy for it installed first wind turbines in the mid 1970s.  Back in 2014, Denmark set a world record for wind production.


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Turkey has experienced a substantial growth in the use of renewable energy. The country has been investing big time on the development of projects that could harness renewable sources and generate green and clean power.


Nicaragua has been continuously increasing its reliance on renewable resources and is investing largely on the green energy production. Back in 2007, Nicaragua’s president started emphasizing on the importance and the need of renewable energy investments. Since then, the country has moved in the same direction. The country set benchmarks in terms of investing the fifth-highest percentage of its GDP on the development and production of renewable energy. By harnessing solar, wind and geothermal sources, the country is striving for 90%renewable energy production by 2020.


Germany is often considered as a trend setter that has set the trend of renewable energy reliance. The country was ranked third in 2015 for the amount of green energy produced. In 2014, renewable energy was the biggest contributor to Germany’s electricity supply. Europe’s largest economy demonstrating such a massive shift towards green energy influenced numerous countries across the globe.


Morocco is a North African country that has ample of sun. Utilizing this quality to the best, the country has come up with the largest concentrated solar plant o earth. The aim of the solar plant is to create 2,000 megawatts of solar generation capacity by the year 2020. 

Countries across the globe are shifting to renewable resources for fulfilling their energy needs. This superb step is enabling countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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