'Preserve the pristine natural resources to secure a long-term health': Scottish Natural Heritage

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Scots! Here is a message for you. Want to combat your health record unenviable? Then gear up to protect, enjoy and respect the surrounding landscape of Scotland. ‘It is the key to improving your nation’s health’ — According to SNH (Scottish Natural Heritage).

The SNH unveiled its research and development strategy for the next five years, officially at The Lighthouse in Glasgow. Plans to improve access to the countryside and to fund studies dominate the strategy. This will eventually help measure –
How beneficial outdoor activities are to the nation’s health.

‘The key to a secured long-term health lies in preserving pristine natural resources’. This is the strategy’s underlying message. The strategy also sets out what is considered to be the national priorities for research in the natural heritage by the SNH.

Professor Des Thompson, SNH uplands adviser said,

It is a paradox that in Scotland we have a stunning environment but our health has a long way to go. Our aim now is to find out to what extent our natural heritage underpins our health and our economy.

This new research strategy marks a big shift in emphasis of our research. We are moving beyond wildlife, habitat and landscape and becoming a much more people-center organization.

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