Photos reveal global warming sweeping snow out of Snowdonia

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Can you make out where these two images are similar and where they differ largely?
These two images are of the same rocky outcrop on Glyder Fawr, in Snowdonia’s Glyderau range. But, astonishingly, in the later image no snow can be seen anywhere.

The photographs are taken on the same date – one a decade ago and the other just last winter. This peak — which rises to 3,278 ft – illustrates the astonishing and dreadful phenomenon at the snowline in Snowdonia — its receding dramatically!

In just 15 years, the highest mountain in Wales could lose all its snow, scientists at the University of Wales, Bangor fear. They have recorded that the snowfall here has dropped about a third in just a decade.

Capturing the story of climate change on film, these photographs are part of an exhibition commissioned by the National Trust.

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