Pregnancy Test Declines Frog-counts, the Best Pollution Indicator

Concerns over amphibians, being threatened worldwide, have put a summit in the headlines, held in Washington DC. Frogs widely used for pregnancy tests are feared to have carried a fungal disease, chytridiomycosis with them, resulting in their sharp decline. The summit hopes to produce an action plan to conserve frogs, toads and salamanders.
Not only are they serving the scientists to let conduct pregnancy tests! Conservationists too did not let go opportunities to mint concerns, no matter how noble it is. The little sensitive amphibians are also the first indicators of when nature goes awry. ‘Man has reasons to care.’ Following the Washington DC Summit decision, international conservation groups proposed a $404 million effort to preserve frogs and other amphibians for their porous skins, sensitive to environmental hazards or changes.

Via: BBC News 1, BBC News 2, AP

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