NZ scientists to produce sheep with 4 nipples

multiple births 38 Very soon, you could see a sheep with four nipples rather than the usual two. It seems quite amazing but it could be true too as New Zealand-based scientist are attempting to produce this kind of sheep, which would have 4 nipples instead of the typical two. The attempt is being made considering a rising affinity of ewes to have multiple births.

There are more ewes that have triplets, however one of the lambs generally make great effort to continue to exist because of not getting enough milk from its mother, as reported by the Otago Daily Times.

George Davis, a scientist with the state agricultural organization AgResearch, told the paper,

A triplet, if he is the runt of the litter, is usually doomed. If one triplet is light, his two litter mates can bully him out.

Davis further maintained that ten years back, the normal New Zealand ewe used to have one lamb, whereas these days hundred ewes are capable of breeding one hundred twenty lambs between them.


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