John Edwards unveils new global warming plan

Global warming has turned out to be one of the most intensely studied environmental phenomena the planet has ever known. It’s not for nothing that there is a hue and cry everytime even a minute change is noticed. It is interesting to see world leaders coming forward to have a say in the most serious topic of this century. Former U.S. Senator. John Edwards feels America; the largest carbon dioxide emitter should drastically cut down on the source.
Labeling global warming an international emergency, the North Carolina Democrat, who is running for president, called for a cap on greenhouse gas pollution and stricter auto emissions standards. He forewarned of a disaster if effective steps are not taken. It is not a problem of the future, but it’s all about the crisis today. On Tuesday, he promulgated a plan for the control of the dragon called Global Warming.edward unveiling his plan 246

His plan includes-:

Capping of greenhouse gas emissions beginning in 2010 and cutting them by 15% by 2020. The government should auction off rights to produce greenhouse gases. That sale would raise about $10 billion a year, which could be used to finance development of alternative energy sources
Developing nations be invited to participate with as much as they can into the effort. Once, America takes the lead in reducing its own pollution, other countries can be asked to take significant steps towards playing their part.
Setting a goal of conserving electricity and pulling down its demand. Taking all measures to extract 25% of the nation’s energy from renewable energy sources.
Conservation of energy would help the economy. Expenditure on fuel could be handsomely brought down.
The plan is very ambitious and looks good on paper. But, is America going to come forward? Is America going to take lead in reducing carbon dioxide emissions? Forget it. America has not even ratified the Kyoto protocol. Clearly, if the plan is put in practical use, it will help conserve electricity, and most important of all, it will help reduce the imminent danger of global warming that is looming large on all of us. It’s better now or never.

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