NOAA designs first global carbon-tracker to monitor global warming-linked man-made emissions

co2 across north america 9The United States, blamed for causing global warming hugely and raising fear of increasing fragility of its nature to the climate, has come up with the first global system capable of monitoring greenhouse gases linked to global warming, man is responsible for.

The first ever “CarbonTracker’ – an online tool – is unveiled, which aims at tracking and mapping emissions of carbon dioxide across the world.

Richard Spinrad of the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) said,

it will provide a fundamental ground truth about climate.

Concerned and debating and deciding on how to lessen the buildup of greenhouse gases, the officials, industries and analysts require clear and specific numbers to bring out an effective solution, according NOAA scientist Pieter Tans. Thus, this tracker can be of immense help to them.

Presently, this new tool based on Internet relies on about 60 carbon dioxide tracking stations across the world, helping it to generate “carbon weather” maps.

John Drexhage of Canada’s International Institute for Sustainable Development said,

NOAA tracking emissions would go a long way toward depoliticizing emissions and help level the playing field in accounting for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

True, tracking carbon dioxide will not be answering larger questions like –
How will society decide to deal with global warming?

But, at least with its help scientists can have an honest discussion, Drexhage believes.

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