Meteorologists bet on human's responsibility for climate change

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There has always been a controversy among scientists with most of them agreeing that it is emission from coal, oil and gas – and hence human — which is causing climate change, while a few argue there is no such links.

But on Wednesday, some of the world’s leading meteorologists said that they had no doubt that humans were responsible for global warming.

But, how would they define the natural warming cycles the earth has seen in the past? Are they not behind climate change?

According to the director general of the Spanish National Meteorological Institute, they were not! Francisco Cadarso told Reuters on the sidelines of an international meteorological conference in Madrid,

No, because the time scale is different. This phenomenon is happening much more quickly. This is too complex a phenomenon to use one single scientific argument to knock it down.

It is a build up of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere which is causing temperatures to rise. And these phenomenons are widely expected to bring deluging floods, droughts and hurricanes.

And, the melting of ice caps could inundate the planet’s densely populated parts if warming continues uncontrolled.

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

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