Nitrogen Share Major Responsibility With Carbon In Increasing Global Warming

nitrogen increases global warming

Carbon emission alone cannot be blamed for the accelerating global warming. The other serious culprit is nitrogen. And we cannot afford to ignore it, as it is — uncontrolled ‘ leading to our peril. While on one hand, we are agonizing the consequences of a 10 per cent increase in CO2, levels of polluting nitrogen compounds in the environment have almost doubled ‘ either because of unawareness and carelessness ‘ on the other.

And if we go on ignoring them in a similar way, the consequences are likely to be even worse than “just” global warming! Human health, biodiversity, ozone levels and global climate are already being affected. And if we thought the carbon problem is a difficult issue to handle, then know a worsening problem ‘ impossible ‘ is just around the corner!

Via: New Scientist

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