How Safe Are You With Your New Hybrid Car?

honda insight hybrid car

While the world is up with its gloves finding solutions to global warming, cutting carbon gas emissions, finding alternative fuels to run one’s automobile, it is also found that a hybrid car impact its driver and passenger more dangerously – by the electromagnetic field (EMF) it produces! Measurements made by a Trifield meter and much more sophisticated instrumentation revealed this.

Driving a new Honda Insight hybrid car, one receives 135 milligauss (mG) at the hip, and up to 100 mG in the upper torso and head area in comparison, to the non-hybrid ones, which measures between 1 and 2 mG.

And just 12 mG of EMF is needed to stimulate the growth of estrogen-sensitive breast cancer cells, according to the Liburdy and Colleagues Study in 1993. Both men and women exposed to high electromagnetic fields at work experience an increased risk of breast cancer, according to Epidemiological studies. So, where actually lies the solution to save humans from health hazards? What will strike a balance between the two?

Via: Consumer Affairs

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