New Land-Use Law Ruled Out. Ambiguity Across Oregon

It was last year the voters seemed so overwhelmed with the a ballot measure that loosened some of the strictest zoning restrictions in America. They enthusiastically approved the ballot measures. But, shattering all dreams of the voters built on the basis of the new law, a Marion County judge in October ruled that the new law is unconstitutional. The controversy emanates from a revolt on Oregon’s land-use laws that have protected rural areas from development. Property owners last November helped pass Measure 37. The law says property owners whose land has lost value because of land-use regulations adopted after they bought it must either be paid for the loss or granted a waiver of the restriction. Since it took effect state officials say more than 2,000 property owners have filed paperwork contending that state or local land-use regulations have devalued their holdings. But, after all is said and done the measures are not being applied uniformly! — as the AP reported. And the Oregon people is left with uncertainty and confusions.

Via: Environmental News Network

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