More Than 3,200 Still Missing After Katrina

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Nearly five months have passed the vengeful day when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. But, more than 3,200 victims of the catastrophe are officially still unaccounted. So, the state medical examiner wants the search to resume for those missing from the most devastated neighborhoods.

Defying the official statistics, it has been reported, 11,500 people to be missing, to the Find Family National Call Center, a center run by federal and state workers. Though the reports included people from throughout the Gulf Coast area, most were from Louisiana.

The state’s medical examiner, Dr. Louis Cataldie planned to ask state and parish officials to recheck about 400 addresses where authorities have consistent information about people missing from badly flooded neighborhoods. About 50 are from St. Bernard Parish with most addresses in the east New Orleans.

Via: CNN

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