27 New Species Domiciled by California

orange spider

California shelters 27 species we are totally oblivious of!? Can you believe it? 27 different species of spiders, centipedes, scorpion-like creatures and other animals have been discovered in the dark, damp caves beneath two national parks in the Sierra Nevada, according to biologists. A relative of the pill bug is also among the discoveries. It is so translucent that its internal organs are visible! Particularly the long, bright yellow liver of the bug can be seen from outside. It’s amazing! With jaws bigger than its body, there was also a daddy long leg and a tiny fluorescent orange spider.

“Not only are these animals new to science, but they’re adapted to very specific environments — some of them, to a single room in one cave,” said Joel Despain, a cave specialist who helped explore 30 of the 238 known caves in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Via: CNN

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