Lobsters Crying for Help

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Have you ever thought of smashing the glass of that stupid tank in the super market where the lobsters are kept to grab all of them and run for the nearest salty body of water to liberate them before they are dumped into a boiling pot of water while they are still alive. Don’t do that of course as you might get arrested. However, think of yourself being dumped into a boiling pot of water…alive. Surely, you wouldn’t like that. Yah! definitely, you won’t be that hardcore lobster loving fellow who would adopt a lobster today. But if you are a lobster lover, beware, there are not enough lobsters left to breed.

Officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have asked the fishing industry, suppliers and environmentalists for their views on plans to increase the legal minimum length restriction on lobsters when caught from at least 87mm long to 90mm. This equates to around two years of life, giving female lobsters more time to produce young.

Considering the fact that female lobsters are the tastiest, people tend to have more of them on their dinner plates. One thing is sure that people won’t let their habit of having lobsters despite the fact that they are on the verge of extinction, as it is a viable source of chemical free protein. Nevertheless, there are ways that can lead to their recovery but won’t be the same for those who really, really love to have the poor creature of the salt water bodies.

Some of the ways that can lead their recovery:

1. Governments all around the world should stand up to give the lobster its own legal standing against cruelty.

2. The campaign for crustaceans could end traditional cooking methods such as boiling lobsters alive. Cooking lobsters alive in boiling water is cruel and should be outlawed in the Animal Welfare Bill.

3. There should be large-scale campaign to promote freshwater lobster (a.k.a. crawfish) that can be grown at homes too.

4. The popular ocean delicacies should be regarded as animals and should be covered under the Bill.

Whether it’s you, me, a dog, cat, sheep, cow or lobster, it’s about giving them the ability to express their normal behavior, to really support who they are as a creature. It’s the right thing to do. Also, with marine ecosystem slowly heading towards its extinction, as reported early this month, just checking the length of marine animals to hunt them down seems a bizarre move by the government. As said earlier, this won’t work like this. Damn other animals, damn fishes, damn environment, and damn other’s lives, let’s fill our pockets, this is the mindset with which these hunters on a killing spree move on and the current proposal proves that government too is not serious about resolving and restoring the ecosystem. Damn Government!

Via: Independent

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