How You Ship Says a Lot About You

Everything you do and put out into the world tells people about you and your company. The last thing you want, particularly in our ever more green conscious society, is for someone to think that you don’t care about the environment. Shipping orders in non-recyclable or reusable containers might seem cheaper now but if it costs you sales in the future is that shiny sheen on the cardboard really worth it? Of course not!

The more sustainable and eco-conscious you can make your company the better it is going to be for you. And before you think you can’t go the sustainable route due to budget, research has proven that customers prefer to buy from companies that can boast about their green efforts.

You probably already know about the simple things like the aforementioned reusable containers for sending out orders, reducing your company’s waste and neutralizing as much of your company’s carbon footprint as possible. But there are other, bigger things you can do as well.

One of the most popular trends right now in eco-friendly shipping is the reusable container. These are containers that are made out of used or recycled metal, heavy plastic, or wood with applications from recycled boxes for in standard shipping to reusable containers for shipping liquids. When you receive these shipments you have two choices: you can choose to keep the containers to use in your company’s headquarters or stores or you can sell them to someone else using your shipping company’s tools.

Recyclable and reusable containers aren’t just great for reducing carbon emissions and footprints. Using reusable containers can save companies quite a lot of money. Seafood restaurants (like the one talked about in the infographic below) aren’t the only companies reporting savings. Companies in every industry say that it actually saves them money to go the reusable route instead of simply paying for materials that will, ultimately end up in a landfill.


Global Packing By The Numbers – An infographic by the team at

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