How to reduce noise pollution at home?

The sound which you do not prefer or you do not like is termed noise pollution. It is basically an unwanted sound. The loud sound of speakers, vehicles, horns, construction, planes, electric appliances are the main reasons for unwanted noise. Noise pollution brings many adverse effects on health. It creates discomfort in the ears. If the sound is more than 100 dB, then there is a chance of permanent loss of hearing. It hampers one’s peace of mind and makes a lot of sound vibrations. Many wildlife animals are affected by noise pollution. To reduce noise pollution you need to use earplugs.

Here are the various ways for you to reduce noise pollution:

  1. Close the windows- If any construction work is going near your office or home, it is always better to close the window. It is a way we can reduce the noise to enter our buildings and rooms. You will be away from all types of unwanted sounds.

  2. Put on earplugs- It is the best solution to avoid noises. It is also an affordable option. You can wear them during sleep or at any time of the day. If you want to stay quiet from all the noises, then wearing these earplugs are the best options.

  3. Improve insulation- Soundproofing your home is the best example of insulation. It is a practical way to stop the noise pollution. It blocks all the noises and sound vibrations. You can install the soundproof materials on the floors, walls, and ceilings. Install double pane windows to absorb noise.

  4. Noise-canceling headphones- The construction and industrial works should use these headphones at work. The filters in the headphone keep you away from unwanted noise, and you can hear only the productive sound. It also reduces all the negative effects of noise pollution.

  5. Carpeting from wall to wall- It is a practical and simple method to reduce noise pollution. It takes a long way, which reduces the incoming noise in your offices and homes.

  6. Fence installation- Noise is basically sound waves which reduce when they come in contact with barriers. The fence will absorb the waves of the sound and reduce noise pollution.

  7. Be creative with interiors of office and homes- Design your house in such a way that the noisy machines stay away from working area or sitting area. It will be innovative as well as a smart approach to design a modern house or office.

  8. Floor is noise friendly- To soundproof your home, you need to invest in good flooring. The type of your floor depends on how much noise will enter your house. So, you can use vinyl in replacement of carpeting. It is good to absorb the noise and reduce noise pollution.

  9. Noise friendly Furniture- Furniture absorbs sound vibrations and echo. You should buy bookshelves, lounge chairs, cabinets, and couches. It will reduce noise pollution to the maximum extent.

  10. Wall panels- Install latest technology modern wall panels that are acoustic. They are easily available in the nearest market and help in reducing noise pollution.

  11. Electronic gadgets- When you use various electronic gadgets, they create a lot of noise pollution. When you are using them, turn on the moderate volume so that you can reduce the sound pollution. When you are not using any electronic devices, then switch it off completely. It will save your electricity as well as reduce noise pollution.

  12. Plant more trees- To reduce the level of noise in the urban area, you need to plant more trees. They have the power to improve the quality of the air, and this way reduces the noises.

  13. Dedicated space- You should have a dedicated space where not a single sound should reach. Here, you can stay quiet for some time and gain more peace of mind.

  14. Install wall partitions- If you install wall partitions in a large space, then it will reduce the noise. Also, in the office you can install cubicles to stop unwanted noises. They absorb the noise very well and keep you in the noise-free zone.

  15. Close the door- If you stay beside noisy neighbors or you are using any noisy machines, then you must close the door always. It will completely seal the noise.

  16. Cover up the noise- You can cover up the noise by playing peaceful sound. You can hang wind chimes or turn the fan on to cover up the bad noises. It is a practical method, which will keep you away from the negative effects of sound pollution.

  17. Home in noise-free zone- When you are going to buy a house or office, choose the location away from busy country life or industrial area. Having a home or office in noise-free zone gives you mental peace, and you can boost your productivity.

  18. Replace old vehicle with new one- If your old vehicle is making too much noise, then it is the time to replace the car. When you replace the old vehicle, you automatically take one step ahead to reduce sound pollution.

  19. Create awareness against noise pollution- Noise pollution is bad for both animals and humans. It is your responsibility to spread awareness to reduce noise pollution. Noise pollution can reduce the hearing ability, reduce mental peace, increase stress and tension. So, create awareness about the harmful effects of this pollution and encourage them to stop noise pollution.

  20. Implement “No Horn Zone” near schools, residential areas and hospitals- The Government should make a strict rule to implement “no horn zone” in these areas. It will reduce unwanted noises, and all the patients, students, and residents can stay safe and secure without any excess noise.


Final Words

These above steps are practical, reliable and authentic. If you want to stay away from any kind of noises, then you need to follow these steps religiously. Once you make a habit, then it automatically comes in your cycle.

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