How do mosquitoes use blood to reproduce?


Don’t let those mosquitoes suck your blood. It’s not because of the diseases it transforms but to allow it to reproduce less. The first blood a female mosquito sucks triggers its reproductive system to produce eggs! This is found by a University of California, Riverside research team.

This study is published in the latest edition of the Journal of Biological Chemistry. The mosquitoes need these subsequent and frequent blood meals to help them reproduce. This is formidable vector causes such deadly diseases as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and the west Nile virus.

This finding could help researchers come out with new ways of controlling disease-spreading mosquito populations. Professor of Entomology Alexander S. Raikhel, the leaded of the team said,

If we could find a way to block this pathway, we could close the gate on the mosquito’s reproduction or find ways to make the mosquito a less effective disease vector.

Via: Physorg

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