Ground-level ozone increasing in Yellowstone National park

yellowstone national park2

Air quality at Yellowstone National Park is worsening. Accoding to a new study by the National Park Service, air quality in four of six categories has deteriorated. Ground-level ozone is one pollutant, which is on the rise in Yellowstone. This toxic pollutant can lead to respiratory problems. It also threatens the health of plants.

But the Park Service assures that the levels are not high enough to risk health of plants and animals, as it doesn’t even exceed any national standards. As a contradiction to the assurance, Yellowstone had other categories in which air quality was getting worse, compared to any other park in the country.

Whatever the actual fact be, 10 national parks in the West — including Yellowstone, Glacier and Rocky Mountain are witnessing a continuous increase in ozone, which soon can – if not now – cause havoc to lives thriving in the areas.

Via: Environmental News Network

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