Contaminated water in Eastern Pakistan kills nine, leaving 19,000 sick


Water quality is deteriorating across the world, with some areas crating havoc on the habitats. Industrial development, holite towards the environment is to be blamed for this. Contaminated water system in Faisalabad, an eastern Pakistani city has killed nine people, sickening more than 19,000 people. The water system was contaminated by sewage, according to officials.

People there are falling sick since May 14, with thousands of patients being admitted to hospitals in the city with complains of diarrhea, stomach cramps and vomiting. Rana Imran, the district health officer for Faisalabad informed that all the nine people, which includes five children, have died of gastroenteritis.

But the problem seems to have been brought under control, as according to the doctors there is a sharp decline in the number of patients recently.

Via: Environmental News Network

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