Global warming causing concerns for asthma sufferers

asthma patient 9Are you suffering form asthma? Then be aware from global warming. According to experts, longer plant growing seasons and the weeds that are scattering vast amounts of pollen are causing concerns for these asthma patients.

Though, with the temperatures rising some sufferers will benefit from it as the house mites and viruses – that thrive in winters — will not flourish, once people will not need to use their heating systems.

In the northern hemisphere, and even in countries where winter snows bring respite from coughing and wheezing for allergics and during the spring too, pollen has been in the air for months.

For example, it is since December, hazel trees have been flowering in south Sweden.

Paul Epstein, Associate Director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School said,

In the United States the incidence of asthma is up nearly four times since 1980. No one has really been looking at the aerobiology dimension (such as pollen). But I think it helps account for it.

There are other such instances of such triggers ranging from mites and dust to viruses and food. And any warming may make things worse, according to Epstein as told to Reuters.

The plant growing seasons have become longer because of the trend of warming, the human burning of fossil fuels are responsible for, a draft U.N. climate report due for release on April 6 says.

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