Global climate affects Greenland's mysterious and strongest winds

tied to global climate 9No not the disastrous hurricanes we know of, but some most mysterious winds on this planet blow over Greenland – they are also the strongest! True, we don’t have to worry of the far-flown bizarre winds.

But, scientists say that these winds could be linked to weather and climate phenomena far from their icy realm. For two weeks, these mysterious winds flew head-on into hurricane-force winds, which whipped around the southern tip of Greenland recently. And, it is after this phenomenon; a scientist-group could have a better idea of just –

How these winds relate to factors like broader weather patterns, global ocean circulation and climate.

To have a close-up look at the roaring winds, the scientist-team sought to go airborne recently as part of the International Polar Year effort. The ‘tip jets’ form at Greenland when cyclones — large rotating weather systems — meet the hulking mass of the island during their northward journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

As a result, air flow is distorted and winds speed up.

Study team member Kent Moore of the University of Toronto said,

The air is forced to move around the obstacle, [which] causes these accelerations of the wind.

The air parcels that are forced to go around Greenland have a longer path than [parcels] that go over it, for instance. And because they have to all meet up at the end, the ones that go around have to accelerate.

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