Five inspirational cardboard chairs for green homes

Furniture made up of cardboard is quite famous these days. Since the base material used to make cardboard is paper, it’s durable, light and eco friendly. As per an estimate, almost 70 percent of cardboard is made from recycled material. So, if you buy cardboard furniture, you are contributing your bit to make this planet green and clean. Using cardboard saves natural resources, energy and landfill space as well.

Let’s take a quick look at some really cool cardboard furniture designs from various designers across the world.


Glove Chair

The Glove Chair, designed by Lindey Cafsia, is a piece of inspiring innovation and looks. It has been fabricated completely by using packaging material that has been previously used to pack bicycle. In fact the cycle logo that was there on the packaging material has also not been removed to give it “all original” looks and to make a style statement. This chair, merely weighing 4 kg, can very well be put to use as a reading chair due to its comfortable sitting position and posture.

Chair inspired by an egg

This chair is designed by Manuel Kretzer and is priced at 160 Euro a pair for the small size. These chairs, entirely made up of corrugated cardboard, are inimitable pieces of art, which can fit any décor. The best part with these chairs is that they can be made to order as per your choice of size and sturdiness.


Hand assembled design chairs

Although you can easily hand assemble the chair made up of cardboard, still this chair is quite strong and sturdy. This chair, named Curvate Cardboard Chair, is the brainchild of designer Mark Schnitzer. To make the chair strong enough so that it can bear any weight, hundreds of oval shaped cardboard sheets are used and riveted/glued together.

Sleek card board chair by Tom De Vrieze

An excellent piece of artwork and creativity, these chairs are designed by renowned designer Tom De Vrieze. Although made from just 4mm thick cardboard, these chairs are quite sturdy due to the presence of polyurethane expansion foam inside, which not only supports the chair but also prepare it to bear heavy weight generated by the sitting person.


The Zigzag chair

Designed by Frank Gehry, this chair is quite fascinating and has got unique artistic looks. Made up of 60 sheets of corrugated cardboard, which are bonded together by screws and bonding material, this chair is quite strong and can bear the weight of any person sitting on it. Named “Wiggle Chair” by its designer, this piece of novelty measures 24″D x 13.75″W x 34.25″H and carries immense artistic value.

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