Eco-friendly that your hair can find use for

Hair on human head plays an integral role to make them look presentable but fallen or chopped hair find their way in the trash unless some wig making company decides to utilize them. Well, this is not the only purpose your discarded hair can serve, as many other eco-friendly purposes also they can serve. Here we have brought for you a list of some strange yet very useful uses of discarded human hair:

Natural Jewelry

Jewelry made of human hair

Victorian eras had a beautiful concept of preserving a loved one’s lock and then wear it in a pendant or amulet. However, in today’s time the hair jewelry is all the rage, wherein you can put your lovely chopped locks to use.

A form of natural jewelry, artists across the globe make stunning pieces of necklaces, bracelets, plaited hair loop earring. Artists use the best of their creative skills to mix and match artificial things to make human hair jewelry interesting and visually appealing.

Human Hair Mat

Human Hair fertilizer

Human hair mat is a high-level eco-friendly invention that has helped soak oil spill. Phil McCrory is a hair stylist from Alabama who watched the Exxon Valdez oil spill video on television and noticed the fur on Alaskan otters soaked up oil. This event filled his mind with so many thoughts and he started testing the oil soaking capacity of human hair.

After testing quite a many times, he invented hair mats that helped collect oil spillage on the coast of San Francisco in 2007. This invention of his brought fame and value to the otherwise discarded and useless hair.

Human hair makes good fertilizer

Organic Fertilizers 78

Keep collecting those hair strands, put them in your garden and see how plants grow up into healthy plants. Human hair makes good fertilizer, as it releases sufficient amount of nutrients in the soil that helps plants to grow into healthy plants. It retains the required moisture in the soil, and eliminates or reduces weed germination that are bad for a plant growth.

Initial researches proved that human hair when combined with other fertilizers benefit plants but to go by the newer researches, human hair used alone benefit plant production.

Eco-friendly hair poufs

Eco-friendly hair poufs

For the project “bare hair poufs”, the makers collected sufficient hair strands from salons and other resources. Filled with hair strands, these poufs look extremely comfortable to sit upon. Besides comfort and appearance, what is worth appreciation is its environmentally friendly nature. The outer covering of the pouf is made of recycled PET bottles.

Recycled human hair chair

Ronald Thompson

It all started with “Stiletto Chair”- an invention of an ex-hair stylist to celebrities, Ronald Thompson. He found inspiration to make such strange chair on the movie set of the Batman Begins. He stretched a piece of fibreglass and it snapped, while a hair strand did not snap when he did the same with it.

This is what sparked an idea in his mind to make an environmentally friendly and a sturdy chair with human hair. The Stiletto Chair is sustainable, flexible as you can mould it into any shape, is waterproof, fire resistant, corrosion free, tough and durable. You can also make the same but it depends upon how and from where you will get so many hair strands.



Banners hung in colleges are a common sight but a full-fledged banner made of human hair is an uncommon and a strange sight. This sight was seen at the Dartmouth College when a big and wide banner made with 420 pounds of human hair was hung on a wall.

Whether you call these products an outcome of a creative mind or an eco-conscious mind, or some find them disgusting but all the products made with human hair are impressive and are environmentally friendly.

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