Eco-friendly ideas for laundry

If you think laundry does not have any impact on the planet, you are wrong. Keep in mind that your laundry habits reduce the life of your clothes and also results in huge loss of water and energy. Therefore, it is important to green your laundry ways. Here are few tips to green your laundry:

  1. Wear your clothes more than once

Some of us have the habit of wearing clothes just once and then washing them. Try and avoid this. Make it a habit of wearing your clothes more than once before washing them. This will help in saving water and energy. Also, try and avoid using the dryer and iron. Clothes should be washed preferably in cold water. Big brands like Levi’s recommend washing their jeans once in two weeks.

  1. Choice of detergent

The choice of detergent is also a very crucial factor. Make sure that you opt for eco-friendly detergents that do not have a detrimental effect on the environment. For example, some commercial detergents have chemicals like phosphates which can affect the eco system and marine life in a negative way. Give preference to detergents which are made from natural ingredients and are biodegradable. Try to use a concentrated detergent. Replace fabric softeners with white vinegar.

  1. Load your machine to full capacity

Give up the habit of loading small batches of clothes in your washing machine. Use the washing machine only when it is going to get loaded to full capacity. If there are just a few clothes then wash them with your hands. If you are going to use the dryer, then dry similar fabrics together.

  1. Use of right settings

If you are serious about saving energy, forget the hot water setting which consumes lots of energy. Simply go in for warm or cold water option. Also, make use of shorter cycles if your clothes are not all that soiled. It is not necessary that for all clothes you have to opt for cycles which will go on for an hour.

  1. Use smart ironing methods

If your clothes are not all that wrinkled, then simply hanging them straight on the hanger and placing them under the bed can do the trick. While ironing clothes, keep an aluminum sheet below the clothes. This trick will help you iron both sides of the clothes at one time and thus save energy.

  1. Choice of machines

Dump an old machine only when it is totally dysfunctional so that you do not add up to landfill waste. Buy a machine which is eco-friendly. These days, machines that need less water are available. Usually, a front loading machine needs less water as compared to the top loading ones. So check all the pros and cons before buying a new washing machine.

  1. Say no to dry cleaning and bleaching

A harmful chemical called perchloroethylene is used by most of the dry cleaners. This chemical is harmful for human beings and for the environment. This toxic chemical can have an adverse effect on kidney, nervous system, reproductive system etc. This chemical is also known to contaminate, soil, water and air. Therefore, always go for conventional washing methods. Bleach should also be avoided because the byproducts of bleach can affect animals and birds adversely. Bleach is also considered to be harmful to people with respiratory problems like asthma. One can make use of natural options like lemon juice for bleaching clothes.

Simple measures like the choice of correct machinesettings, choosing proper laundry agents like detergents,bleaches etc can help in saving water as well as energy. It is important that everyone follows eco-friendly laundry methods on a regular basis.

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