Drought Predicted For Southern England : People Hit Hard


Southern England this year has the third-lowest on record rainfall record. England received 784 millimeters (31 inches) of rain in the 16 months through February, the driest such period since 1932-1934.

Water scarcity has become so acute that residents may be fined as much as 1,000 pounds if they are seen using sprinklers or garden hoses in London, Kent and surrounding districts. While water companies are asking for government permission to ban non-essential water usage some companies are moving fast building precautionary reservoirs as there seem to be no rain fall improvement even around May.

Some blame the continually leaking water supplying pipes but it is evident that drought is the culprit here. So bad it has become that Bewl Water, the largest reservoir in southeastern England fell to its lowest since 1975 with only 34 % full.

U.K. Environment Minister Elliot Morley said,

You are looking at the prospect of the worst drought for 100 years in the south and southeast.

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