Disastrous effects of global warming: IPCC report brings forth the changing perspective

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Recent report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the climatic changes has set the alarm bells ringing round the world. The catastrophic consequences of sudden changes in the earth’s temperature only point towards famines, hunger and extinction of various species & fruition of life-threatening ailments.

According to the report, though becoming visible at a snail’s pace, global warming has managed to inflict several petite but harmful effects on the vast water bodies around the world and has also deprived millions of people of a source of fresh drinking water as the mountain glaciers are rapidly shrinking.

The climate report which is going to be tabled out in a meeting to be held at Belgium in early April brings into spotlight the effects of global warming and has been prepared and evaluated by more than thousands of scientists from all over the world. It warns of heavy inundation that will displace approximately more than ten million people annually because of rise in earth’s average temperature and that of increase in the sea levels.

According to Romero Lankao; one of the co-author of the report says that ‘Global warming soon will ‘affect everyone’s life … it’s the poor sectors that will be most affected’.

IPCC report also underlines the fact that if global warming is not brought under effective control now then the future generations have to feverously combat for themselves from the lethal diseases that are going to crop up sooner or later. The initial draft of the report also affirms the extermination of many animal and plant species many of whom are already on the list of endangered genus. Agricultural productivity will globally decline as number of pests will increase in this type of climate change.


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