Crystal cave of the giants: Witness the largest crystals on earth!

giant crystal1

These are the largest known crystals on earth! These magnificent crystals were formed in a natural cave that is totally enclosed in bedrock. Appearing to be a Land of the Giants, these crystals are found deep inside a southern Chihuahua Mexico mine. The humidity of the cave is 100%, with temperatures over 150 degrees Fahrenheit.


But, some minor damage has already occurred to these crystals in the primary cave and a secondary cavern, called Cave of Dreams. And, to prevent further damage to the amazingly huge crystals, the Penoles company had installed iron doors. The mine with the newly installed lighting system, looks all the more beautiful.


The crystals are of translucent gold and silver colored. What interests the most are their various incredible shapes — some of the largest standing thirty to fifty feet high and three to four feet in diameter, are essentially columnar in shape and the smaller ones are four to six feet in circumference, with various awesome geometrical shapes, which may weigh in excess of ten tons.

Via: Canyons Worldwide

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