Crisis in Fossil Fuel, Europe Shifting to Nuclear, Green Energy

nucleaenergy plant

Europe’s nuclear and renewable energy industries are looking to the New Year and beyond to widen their share of the continent’s energy market, where oil and gas remain firmly rooted. Increasing prices of oil, accelerating concern about carbon pollution and apprehension about relying over Russia’s as a supplier of gas have proved to be a blessing for the energy industries. The nuclear firms of the continent could be the biggest beneficiary. But, for nearly two decades, their fortunes have been blighted.

“Over the past two years, we have seen a perceptible shift in public opinion about nuclear power… people are much more positive,” Laurent Furedi, a spokesman for the industry’s lobby association, Foratom, in Brussels, told AFP.

“There are various factors for it, namely security of supply, the rising price of (fossil-fuel) energy, and concern about climate change from carbon gases. The public mood is changing a lot, and is overtaking fears about nuclear,” he added.

Via: Physorg

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