Cnidaria: Jellyfish shaped light sculpture made from recycled contact lens cases

Klaus Rosburg, the founder a New York based boutique design studio SONIC, has been developing consumer products, medical equipments and structural packaging from quite some years now. His portfolio includes numerous projects and designs which helped him win highly acclaimed international design awards, like IDEA, ID Design Review, CES Design Innovation Award, Design of the Decade 2011, etc. Moreover, he has that particular knack for creating innovative products by combining structural packaging with consumer electronics. Accordingly, Rosburg has created sculptural lights by utilizing discarded packaging. Dubbed as Cnidaria or Creature of Light, the jellyfish-shaped fluorescent sculpture responds to human touch by flashing green light.

Displayed at the LIGHT show at the Museum of Natural History in NY, the sculpture is made from discarded contact lens cases. The manufacturing process involved drilling, arranging and connecting, disconnecting and then rearranging a number of cases. The final product i.e. Cnidaria or Creature of Light is awesome to say the least!

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