China's largest lake may disappear in just 200 years!

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The China government in an effort to stop the shrinking of the Lake Qinghai, has pledges $870 million. But, will that eventually help it from disappearing form the world map? Global warming and desertification may lead to its disappearance in ‘just’ two centuries!

The Tibetans’ holy lake is shrinking dramatically due to its surrounding overgrazing brought about by desertification. Its burn has mostly occurred in the remote western province of Qinghai. It is situated at the crossroads of several bird migration routes across Asia with a circumference of about 360 km (220 miles).

According to the Xinhua news agency, over-fishing is also one of the problems being faced by the lake, which has also reduced the catch of the unusual scaleless naked carp in the lake. The carp has reduced to 10 percent of what it was 40 years ago!

According to Xinhua,

Experts predict that if it continues shrinking at its present rate, the lake, which on average today is 18 meters (59 ft), could completely disappear in 200 years time.

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Ben Blanchard

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