Global Warming Sends a Global Warning

Here comes the Global Warning on Global Warming. A school of thought predicted the global phenomena would render 50 millions homeless by the next five years and its manifestation would come in the forms of rising sea levels, desertification, dried up aquifers, weather-induced flooding and other serious environmental changes. And as if it is not enough, the resulting climate change is likely to increase dominant species, specially a wide range of parasitic insects. Add to it, the whipping up of dust from storms and the result would be an accelerated spread of deadly diseases like malaria and asthma. So much so, actors like ‘Titanic’ star Leonardo Di Caprio has donned the environmentalist’s mantle and warned of the current and future dangers caused by the global warming.

However, drought-prone countries like Cuba might indirectly benefit from global warming which results in frequent hurricanes and storms. Rains associated with Hurricane Wilma filled the water reservoirs of Cuba to 76 percent capacity and in the end, it proved a blessing for them. And here comes a good news. It has been found that volcanic eruptions, notwithstanding its other damages, helps the Earth keep its cool, literally. Scientists say violent volcanic eruptions help to combat some of the effects of global warming by cooling the Earth and keeping a check on rises in sea level.

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