Bios Incube lets you grow remains of your loved ones into trees

Losing a loved one is a reminder that life is too short and dealing with the pain of losing a close one can be a dreadful task.Barcelona-based design studio has found the mostsoothing solution. The studio is giving everyone a chance to reconnect with the deceased personinthe form of a tree.Dubbed as Bios Incube, the smart device that works with the help of Bios Urn letsashes grow a tree.

What is the Bios Incube?

Designed by a Barcelona-based company Bios, the Bios Incube is an app-controlled incubator that comes with a biodegradablepot, which uses person’s ashes to grow a tree. Imagined to bring back lostlovedones in the form of nature, this is one of the most sustainable way to keep lost ones close.


Designated as the first incubator system that is designed for theeternal life, the Bios is designed for city inhabitants who want to reconnect with lost loved ones. Apt for both humans and animals cremated remnants; it is fitted with custom sensor that can monitor the soil health, temperature and growth of the plant. Provided with a dedicated mobile app,it also keeps you updated on the plant’s health via your smartphone.

The Bios Incube includes

Bios Incube – an incubator that can accommodate the Bios Urnand let the user monitor the growth of plant via smartphone

Bios Urn – a biodegradable potthatuses the crematedremains to grow a tree

Dedicated mobile application – the mobile application tracks the growth of plant andprovides preservation advice.


Imagined for people who are looking for an alternative way to reconnect with their loved ones who have left the world, the easy to use Bios Incube is designed to work on its own. Once, the biodegradable pot is placed inside the Incube and filled with soil,position the U-shaped custom sensor on thetop of the soil.  The sensor that is designed to work on its own, will then irrigate the seed with the help ofa water tank that is already fitted inside the Incube.

Nowsynchronize the Incube with the help of a dedicated mobile applicationvia Wi-Fi. The dedicated mobile application notonly tracks the growth of the plant, but also keeps you updated.

Designedas an alternative to conventional burials, the environmentally friendly Bios Incube gives you a sustainableoption to connect with the deceased person.

Source : Kickstarter.Com

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