DrPrem Jagyasi

Ship to Sail on Solar Panels, Wind and Wave Power

Creating a problem and finding a solution to the same too, is solely our individual responsibility. This is something we all know, but how many of us bank to work on it? Be it for the long-term effect of the increasing legislation and shipping costs, or..

Global Warming Crisis is Unrepairable

The apparatus believed to be keeping the global climate stable for thousands of years is crumbling rapidly! The polar sea in the Arctic has alarmingly suffered a record loss of ice this year, causing trepidation among scientists that the northern…

Air Pollution Can Damage Sperm

Air pollution can be linked with damage of sperm, resulting in birth defects or miscarriages, according to results published in the latest issue of the journal Human Reproduction on Monday. The results warn that the number of chemicals commonly present…

Explore Nature's Alternatives to Save Nature

The River Rwizi smacked its bank hard, months ago. Its history, the habitants swam or paddled across it. Now they casually walk across to get to the other side. Blame it on the climate. People here did not witness rain for the last two decades, resulting.

Killer Lakes Raising Weapons Again

Will the 1980s’ tragedy repeat itself? Its horrifying recollecting the days when about 1800 people died of asphyxiation as Lakes Nyos and Monoun in Cameroon suddenly released clouds of carbon dioxide over the surrounding countryside. Though we have to…

Environmental Permit Delays, Ship Sinking Expense Rises

Do environmental concerns raise economic concerns too? Its not banking on environmental cause. But, delay in environmental permit may swell economic investment for the cause, in multiples. This is what is happening with the retired aircraft carrier, the..

Red Tide Deviates North

People of Pensacola, Florida can now ease off and breath a sigh of relief, as the red tide that outbroke trepidation in the southwest Florida has made its move away across the gulf coast of the state, towards Panhandle’s western end. The island…

Offshore Drilling Bill Curbed

Was planning to drill offshore along the country? Hold on. The lawmakers from Florida and other coastal states have pulled the offshore drilling legislation from being considered in the US House. The House Resources Committee is expected to consider next.

Indigent Haiti Bids Katrina Aid

Poor with capital, but rich at heart. The benevolent Haitian government and a group of businessmen from the impoverished country in the Americas proposed the US $36,000 donations to aid victims of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. Need mentioning, the…

Great Lakes States Anticipates Asian Carp

If the Asian carp maintains or destroys the ecosystem is still a question. But, following a north-south fish fight, the Congress demands a ban in imports of Asian carp, a bearcat that fish farmers of the south depend on to control parasites. Officials of.

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