Air Pollution In The UK

Air Pollution


Air pollution has arguably never been more of a pressing concern than it is currently. Last year, smog epidemics in China saw pollution levels in some cities rising to above 40 times the maximum specified by the World Health Organisation, and the WHO estimates that around 7 million premature deaths every year can be attributed to the effects of air pollution. While the good news is that data shows a decline in the presence of some dangerous pollutants, which can be attributed in part to pro-environment legislation by the UN and the European Commission and the widening use of greener fuels, the fact remains that the biggest contributor to environmental pollution is the burning of fossil fuels in industry.


Trying to stay ‘green’ can in some ways be harder for those running small or medium industrial businesses than large ones, since legislation is less clear cut, and many enterprises are unaware of their environmental obligations and unsure of which regulations they should be observing. This infographic demonstrates the consequences of air pollution and the importance for business owners of observing current legislation, and provides advice on seeking pro-environment funding and certification. For more information, please have a browse of these sites:


Defra on Air Pollution

Defra on Environmental Permitting

ERG Air Pollution Control

IEMA on Environmental Management Systems

The European Commission on Environmental Funding for Businesses



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