8 Expert Tips for Trade Show Success: How to Get Wins for Your Business


In the current competitive business landscape, standing out from the crowd is not just important but also a necessity. To stay relevant and compete in the industry, businesses are actively opening themselves up to different marketing opportunities. One such opportunity to help your business stand out is through trade shows.

Trade shows are a brilliant way to showcase your products and services to potential customers. Besides that, trade shows also give you the opportunity to speak with your customers and get real-time feedback and opinions. If you are looking to make valuable connections with industry leaders and like-minded individuals, then a trade show can help you.

Regardless of niche, many businesses choose to participate in trade shows and exhibitions. From building brand awareness to enhancing customer relationships, there are numerous benefits to trade shows. However, it can be difficult to navigate your way at one, especially if it’s your first time.  A well-thought strategy is imperative if you intend to get big wins for your business.

In this article, we will provide you with expert tips and advice to make the most of your trade show experience. From preparing for the big day to following up with leads, we will cover all aspects of trade shows success.

8 Expert Tips For Trade Show Success

1.  Do Your Homework

Before you head out for a trade show, it is essential to find out who will be attending. For most trade shows, you will be provided with an attendee list well in advance.

Take a note of the audience you are expecting and shortlist the contacts that would be interested in your business. To take things a step further, you can try sending them a short introductory email. Reaching out and letting them know that you’d love to meet them goes a long way in building a lasting bond.

However, avoid spamming their inboxes and aggressively selling your services. Use this opportunity to introduce your business and keep it light.

2.  Plan Your Stand Design

Planning your stand design well in advance can help you be better prepared to attract visitors and showcase your brand in the best possible light. A brilliant way to attract visitors towards your business is by investing in bespoke display stands. A well-designed custom display stand can easily attract potential customers to engage with your business.

When it comes to designing your stand, there are two important factors to consider – the ambience you set and the attractiveness of your message. Customised display stands are an excellent way to capture a passerby’s attention by being inviting and interesting.

For inspiration, take Apple Tv’s gift card display advertisement as an example. With a solid call-to-action and a minimalistic usage of words, they have managed to create a compelling ad copy that attracts their audience with the interesting use of emojis. This is an idealistic yet engaging set of ad copy that they have produced while maintaining the brand message that Apple uses. In our case too, for a winning display stand, eye-catching graphics and clear, well-displayed messaging are a winning formula.

Additionally, the design of your stand should be an extension of your brand’s communication by telling a story of its own. To take this a notch further, consider adding interactive elements such as touch screens and demonstrations, to engage visitors and keep them interested in your product or services.

3.  Identifying Your Goals And Targets

A crucial step to achieving success at a trade show is to clearly define your goals. Start by asking yourself what is the real reason behind attending the trade show.

Do you want to generate leads, increase brand awareness or perhaps show your products or services? Whatever your reason, understanding your goals clearly can help in devising a clear strategy to follow ahead.

Don’t just stop here! Are you trying to establish yourself as a brand or promote a recently launched product? Perhaps you are looking forward to a trade show to gather feedback about your products or make an impression on potential customers. The answers to these questions will help you decide the design of your stand, your overall strategy and your advertising plan.

4.  Create Engaging Promotional Materials

While acing your design stand is an absolute must, many business owners forget to create engaging marketing materials. Your marketing materials could probably be the first point of contact for many visitors, making it important to create engaging and memorable experiences.

Right from creating professionally designed brochures and flyers to offering freebies such as promotional beer mats, mugs and pens. These are brilliant opportunities to build brand awareness and increase brand familiarity. Products that offer utility could additionally increase brand recall for your products and prove to be a great marketing opportunity.

5.  Prepare Your Staff Members

To gear yourself up for the big day, it is critical that you offer training sessions to all your staff members. At trade shows, you need to be prepared to answer every sort of question thrown at you. These questions could range from your products and services to something remotely related to the industry you are working in.

Having sound knowledge and training your staff on these specifics can reflect positively on your seriousness and professionalism. To ensure all your team members are well-equipped, create a list of anticipated questions. A simple role-play can also help in calming nerves and being well prepared.

It is equally important to cross-question your visitors. Consider this as an opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial relationship and gather valuable insights from potential customers.

6.  Network Effectively

Trade shows are a unique opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and industry professionals. You must seize this opportunity by attending networking events, actively participating in debates and discussions and connecting with fellow exhibitors.

A pro tip is to be friendly and approachable to other businesses that are also a part of the trade show. While at it, do not forget to carry plenty of business cards with you!

7.  Leverage Social Media

Leveraging your social media platforms by regularly posting engaging content with details and live updates about the trade show schedule is a great way to increase footfalls on D-day. You can start by creating a social media plan for your event.

Regularly posting schedules about your trade performance, what visitors can expect and sharing glimpses of the products and services can keep your visitors glued in.

On D-day, you can post live video feeds of a walk-through of your trade show display, and share customer feedback and glimpses of the overall ambience of the event. This can help visitors stay connected with your brand even after the event is over. After all, social media is a brilliant tool to create lasting customer relationships and deeper engagement rates with your followers.

8.  Following Up With Your Leads

The key to trade show success is an effective follow-up with any leads or contacts that you have made. More often than not, many businesses fail to follow up after a buzzing event. However, this is your golden opportunity to buckle up and catch your visitor’s attention.

Sending out personalised emails and messages thanking them for visiting your booth and offering additional updates or promotions is a great way to stay connected. Following up with visitors can help in converting your leads into customers and establishing a relationship with them.

To Sum It Up

In conclusion, trade shows are a brilliant way for businesses to showcase their products and services while generating leads and making valuable connections. However, to ensure success at a trade show, it is essential to have a strategy that will get you wins.

From clearly defining your goals to designing the right stand, every little detail must be worked on. Additionally, training your staff members and leveraging social media can help beat the competition.

Trade shows can be an expensive investment for most businesses. Hence, it is essential to make the most of your ROI. Making use of these tips can ensure your investment pays off in the form of new leads, better brand awareness and ultimately an increase in revenue. After all, the exposure and experience of attending a trade show is truly one of a kind for many businesses.

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