8 – Designers that are taking sustainable fashion to another level

We live in an era of degraded environmental conditions. The only positive out of this is an increased awareness among the masses. There is an increased effort among people to be eco-friendly and make every action sustainable. Fashion too is no exception and we are witness to a sustainable fashion due to the efforts of many great designers. In this article we will be telling you all about it in great detail. These eco-conscious designers are making their efforts count and there us range of fashion which keeps the environment in consideration. It is perhaps a great positive that we can appreciate.

The best if sustainable fashion

  1. Tome: While we begin the discussion on sustainable fashion, Tome is a name that we cannot miss out on. This brand has churned out an uninterrupted supply of products which are eco friendly to begin with. Initially, it was about woman empowerment and that was what the brand symbolized but now the ethical fashion part has also been added in their priorities. Their fashion range is wide and has the perfect mix of some bright hues and some of the best patterns on offer. If you were to try their line of products we can assure you that there would be no disappointment in store.

  2. Edun: No matter how good the fashion is it is the hardest thing to feel enthusiastic about getting dressed early in the morning. This is where Edun wins hearts with its eco-conscious designers making stuff that you feel excited about getting dressed first thing in the morning. One of their main aims is to provide opportunities to certain underprivileged groups stationed in Africa. All the beautiful specimens that they sell have a background story in their social media accounts. They have thus made quite a name for themselves when it comes to sustainable fashion.

  3. Stella Mc Cartney: The designs have been phenomenal from their part. This marked a big change from the previous eco-friendly fashion which hardly could maintain the same looks and quality of the clothing. So they would make eco friendly products but unfortunately not many would be wearing it. In an interview with Vogue the owner disclosed the ambitions of the brand to produce beautiful and attractive fashion but in an eco friendly way. So very wonderful her products are that celebrities show them off at major events around the world and to think that such brilliant fashion ideas are rooted in eco friendly practices is indeed commendable.

  4. G-Star Raw: This company has partnered with Pharrel Williams which is among the best ethical brands. Since then their business has only looked upwards in terms of production of beautiful specimens all of which are eco friendly. Sustainable materials and other organic products are all that is used by them in their products. They have a wide range of collection and have particular focus on the nature of the fabrics that are being used. Sustainable fashion is thus incomplete without the use of this brand and you should get your own from them as soon as possible.

  5. Eileen Fisher: They are known for their line of elegant fashion items and this brand is quite the star in the world of sustainable fashion. If you are someone with a knack for a professional wardrobe, Eileen Fisher may be just the one you are looking for. Eco friendly materials feature high on their priorities and so does the use of safe color dying practices. They also make it a point that their green accessories are recycled as much as is possible and by 2020 they will have recycled over one million products.

  6. Richard Malone: Done with brands let us now view some individual designers who have made a name for themselves from their line of sustainable fashion. Richard Malone is a prominent figure in that list. In the parts of Tamil Nadu a lot of women weavers get the chance to collaborate with him for the purpose of weaving together eco-friendly fashion. Their methods ensure the use of the minimum water possible and also focus on the use of natural dyes. Recycled plastic is used too and they even try in their methods to recycle some ocean wastes.

  7. Ellis Solomon: When it comes to sustainable fashion the best way to go about the business is to buy vintage products. But when it comes to underwear of swimwear that is not an option. So Ellis Solomon tries to create a line of fashion specializing in swimwear and under garments for women. However jumpers and leotards are also built by them. From the use of organic cotton and recycled polyester the carbon footprints need to be reduced as much as possible. This is one of the eco conscious designers that the world should be proud of.

  8. E.L.V Denim: The main essence of this designer is the transformation of jeans. They grab a vintage jeans but through their intricate work it is soon transformed to a specimen with the most modern fashion features. This job of recreating jeans keeps them firmly positioned as one of the leaders in the environmentally friendly fashion world. Considering the fact that a new pair of jeans requires around ten thousand liters of water, this is indeed a great option to try out for the environment enthusiasts. This and many more are making significant efforts when it comes to creating a line of fashion that is responsible towards nature. It is now up to us to respect their efforts and keep up their good work.

Final words

Now that you know all about the sustainable forms of fashion we hope that as a conscious customer you would make your purchase from the ethical brands. If you pick sustainable clothing and green accessories you can be sure of playing your role as a conscious citizen of the world. Time is ripe for you to try it all out and we hope that this article will provided enough information on the same.

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