6 Benefits of Raising Concrete Floor with Polyurethane

Raising Concrete Floor with Polyurethane

Sometimes your walkway has an uneven surface that makes it difficult for you to enter your home quickly. Other times your driveway has a sunken floor, and it works more like a sunken floor. In that scenario, experts recommend you seek concrete lifting services.

Gone are the days with cement slurry was the only option to deal with sunken concrete floors. It’s time to step into the digital world where experts are offering advanced polyurethane as a way to raise your floor effortlessly. If you haven’t made up your mind about this option, it’s better to know about some benefits that convince you only to seek this product for your next concrete lifting project.

1. Long-Lasting

floor repairThe purpose of getting your floor repaired is to get benefits for a long time. If you go with Polyurethane, then it will work as a magical repair solution. In other words, you would be able to enjoy its benefits for the long term. There is no need to seek another concrete lifting service in Minneapolis over and over. Polyurethane is a strong material, and it won’t wash away or break down like cement slurry over time; thereby, you won’t have to spend money again and again on the repair.

2. Fast Process

If you opt for the traditional cement slurry method, a cure will take at least five days. It means avoiding the place for a week. Can you manage that? Of course, not. On the flip side, a quick solution comes in polyjacking whose cure takes only 15 minutes. Your concrete floor can return back to its service as quickly as you want.

3. Unnoticeable Repair

The cosmetic aspect is another consideration when it comes to choosing the best concrete repair method. As you know, mud jacking requires golf ball sized holes in the floor, while polyjacking only needs penny-sized holes. Small holes make the repair job unnoticeable. No one is going to notice any change.

4. Environmentally Safe

non-toxic-floorAnother benefit of using the poly jacking method is that its material is non-toxic. It has excellent resistance power against mold, moisture, erosion, and rodents. It doesn’t release any harmful chemicals into the air. So, environment-conscious people can opt for this environment-friendly repair solution.

5. Lightweight

Your concrete floor is on the verge of collapse as your soil condition is not acceptable, or maybe your foundation has two-much weight. The best thing about polyurethane material is that it is lightweight. So, when you go with this method, it doesn’t increase the weight of the underlying soil. The condition remains stable, and it doesn’t deteriorate over time.

6. Waterproof

Another hard ignore the benefit of polyurethane is it doesn’t soak water like cement. As this material is waterproof, it can prevent further damage to your foundation due to moisture seeping into the soil. It can even reduce future soil settlement.

After knowing all these benefits of concrete lifting with polyurethane, every homeowner would consider getting this specific material. You can avoid further damage to your concrete by making the right choice.

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