5 Ways You Can be Amazing and Reduce Kitchen Waste

Reducing kitchen waste should be a way of life. It encourages sustainability and, maximum utilization of resources, in this case, food. Learning how you can reduce your kitchen waste will help to make the food you buy go a long way, and save you some money too. There are many ways to reuse kitchen waste which also helps in reducing the trash accumulated in your kitchen. As you learn how to waste less and less, you and your family will appreciate more the food and other resources too and maybe adopt sustainability in all areas of life. Read on to find out how you could reduce your kitchen waste:

Use every bit

Using all the parts of the vegetables will ensure that there is nothing to be thrown. Try to use the whole vegetable, from stalks to the roots. For example, with vegetables like watermelon, you can make pickles out of the rind. As for veggies which are a little past their prime, you can make great broths out of it.

Sometimes you just forget about those vegetables you stash, and are dismayed to find them wilted. Well, instead of tossing them into the trash can, you can make amazing soups and broths. Mix a few fresh vegetables and spices too, and enjoy. Lime, lemon and orange peels can be used to season most things. Stale bread can be used to make French toast.

There are a lot of recipes available on the net which use the parts of veggies that you’ve been throwing out till now. You can go though these to make tasty and healthy dishes, while reducing waste at the same time.

Use leftovers

Don’t throw away leftovers. You can revamp your leftovers into interesting new fishes and none the wiser! Leftover vegetables can be used to make vegetable fried rice, or you can use them in spaghetti, etc. You can do the same with leftover chicken and meats. Add some mashed potatoes to leftover vegetables and meats and use them as filling for sandwiches. Give you creativity full reign and make interesting dishes with leftovers. 


You can make organic fertilizer for your plants right at home. Instead of throwing peels into the trash, you can compost them instead. Vegetable and fruit peels, egg shells, coffee and tea grounds, paper bags, tea bags – you can use almost all kitchen waste to start a compost bin. You can set up a compost bin under your sink or balcony or garage if you don’t have a garden, and if you do have a yard or garden, you can start set it up there. It’s quite easy to set up a compost bin and you can find all the knowhow on the net. 

Paper to cloth

Instead of using paper tissues and napkins, use cloth for your needs. Cloth napkins are a one-time buy and you’ll be surprised by how much you save by making this one change. Paper napkins have to be discarded after one use but cloth napkins can be used over and over again.

And they can go into the laundry with your other towels, so you don’t have to worry that you would be adding another laundry load. You can cloth napkins for the entire family for $5-$10, so that each person can have his or her own towel. Using cloth towels helps in reducing the waste from your kitchen as well as helping to conserve trees. 

Reusable containers

Invest in some food grade reusable containers. You can store the sauces and broths which you make in large quantities and freeze them in these reusable containers. Leftovers too can be frozen, those which you want to use later on in the week. Freezer bags are also quite handy and can be used a few times, washing after every use. Vegetables and fruits which you bought, but have not been able to use can also be frozen. Can and freeze everything, even tomatoes for example,that can go bad. 

Making  a decision to consciously reduce kitchen waste is the first step. After you make the necessary changes, you can be sure to see a difference in your grocery bill, as well as feeling good about reducing your carbon footprint and appreciating the resources in your life.

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