5 Careers to Consider If You Want to Help the Environment


If you are the type of person who cares about their impact on the planet, then finding a career and making a wage alongside helping the Earth is an ideal situation to get yourself into. There are a number of different roles that you can contemplate. These career paths include monitoring the atmosphere, protecting the forests and oceans, or preserving wildlife in all kinds of habitats. To help narrow down the options available to you, here is a detailed list of five potential careers to consider.

Conservation Scientist

Conservation Scientist If the outdoors and nature is something that interests you, then you should think about becoming a conservation scientist. This job includes coordinating landowners and federal, state and local governments to make sure that the forests and resources are properly utilized. Communities, businesses and private owners’ needs are fulfilled while putting our planet first. All you need to break into this field of work is a forestry-related bachelor’s degree.

Environmental Science and Protection Technician

This role involves spending a lot of time outdoors, in labs and in an office. Environmental science and protection technicians should expect to help protect people and the environment, and perform chemical and pollution tests in problematic locations. A degree is not required for this job, but employers do appreciate an environment related bachelor’s degree.

Environmental Lawyer

Environmental LawyerEnvironmental lawyers will need to go through a lot of education, but this role involves making massive differences and protecting the environment. You will aid environmental issues where companies, individuals, the government and organizations are involved. Environmental sustainability careers can play a major part in protecting our environment. This also includes holding companies responsible for environmental destruction such as oil spills. You will need to have a bachelor’s degree and then study for three more years at law school.

Wildlife Vet

Veterinary surgeons require a lot of education and people who pursue this career need to be smart. Along with brains, vets need to do plenty of veterinary volunteer work before hand, and ideally during higher education. The role of a veterinary surgeon is to maintain the health of animals. Some vets specialize in certain fields or spread their knowledge amongst a number of categories. A bachelor’s degree in veterinary science or medicine is required if you want to become a vet.

Zoologist or Wildlife Biologist

BiologistA career in this field is perfect for animal lovers with a scientific background. It is a very broad area, so if you decide to follow this route, you can expect to choose from a wide range of career choices. Mammals, marine life, and birds are just some of the focuses people choose. As a zoologist/wildlife biologist, you will have to dedicate your time to understand a role of an animal, the complex relationships they form with their habitat, and the best way for humans to live alongside them. The qualifications you need will vary depending on what path you decide to take. A Ph.D. is needed for the roles that include groundbreaking research.

There is such a variety of choice in this category of work. This is great for you because this means that there are loads of ways to work your way into a role that has such a positive impact on our planet. We only have one planet, and protecting it is currently more important than ever.

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