150-acre manmade reef to replace off Southern California's thinning kelp bed!

bed of giant kelp off southern california 9The kelp beds, off Southern California, are thinning dramatically. The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station is responsible for its marine life damage. As a solution, the San Clemente Pier will spend $20 million to help the 150-acre reef to reinvigorate.

The manmade reef will be bounded to the north and San Mateo Point to the south. With the plan in the works, the scientists are expecting the reef to spawn the area’s once inhabited dense kelp forest. Once the project is successful, the manmade reef would surely provide home to an abundance of sea life, as reported by The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Once approved by the California Coastal Commission, Southern California Edison, the project will begin the reef’s construction as early as next summer, the Union-Tribune said.

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