15  Essential eco-friendly features for your green luxury home    


Living in the 21st Century, there’s nothing better than going green in style. This shows that you not only care for the aesthetics but you are conscious as well.  Our desires and insecurities are things that modern industry thrives on. However, we often forget the impact that all this has on the environment. If you are even slightly eco-conscious then you won’t be surprised to learn the environmental damage that both fashion and construction industry do. But, where does all this go? Most of the times, we become interested in new fad and discard what we have without any forethought. Therefore, before doing so, we must understand the consequences of our decisions. Moreover, we should include the word sustainability in our dictionary.

Sustainable Décor

Sustainable décor is the trend for luxury homes in 2019. While building your luxury home, you can design it to make the most of ambient light, and natural ventilation. Choose lead free paints, sustainable materials and choose a location which has space to produce your own organic vegetables and fruits. Your architect can design a green home which can turn others green with envy! Seriously speaking, it is your responsibility to the planet to curb emissions and try to have a home which is filled with green features and green products. Here are some features which should be included in a green luxury home.

15  Essential eco-friendly features for your green luxury home

 green-homeEco-friendly features should be an integral part of your green luxury home. Since money’s no object, you can install the latest green tech, use the best sustainable materials for building and of course, fill your home with the most energy efficient appliances. Going green is the not just the latest trend, but it’s also the preferred lifestyle choice.

1. Location, location, location

Choose a location for your luxury home which has beautiful views, as it would pay off later as an investment.  The site should be able to accommodate renewable energy systems so that your home can produce all the energy it needs and more.

2. Outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spacesYour green luxury home should have outdoor spaces which are designed according to green specifications. Use eco friendly furniture, swimming pools and firepits. Your driveway and backyard can be lit by solar lamps, which are beautiful and energy conserving.

Splurge on a swimming pool which is eco-friendly, and will not be viewed as wasteful. Use solar heat to warm the pool naturally and gorgeous aquatic plants to keep the pool clean naturally. Try having a natural pool landscaped into your yard. It will be a valuable asset for the future.

3. Luxurious but environment friendly closets

Instead of just going in for wooden closets, go a step further – create closets which are lit with LED lighting, and have a boutique like feel to them. The wood and glass and other accessories should be recycled or reused or recovered, so that the carbon footprint of your green luxury home. Using recycled wood is one of the sustainable trends, which luxury home designers are making use of worldwide.

4. Windows

green-homeTo reduce heat loss in your green luxury home, use double glazed/triple glazed windows. These windows help to eliminate any cold spots you might have in your home. There should be plenty of windows in your home, for natural ventilation and ambient light.

5. MIITO Precise

Your green luxury home must have some innovative additions, such as the MIITO Precise rod. It has a safe base and a magnetic rod which boils liquids in any vessel. It saves water, time and energy and is easily cleaned, as there is no limescale at all.

6. Energy efficient appliances

Energy efficient appliances

One of the sustainable trends which you can embrace easily is to buy the latest, state-of-the-art energy efficient appliances using the latest tech. These refrigerators, washing and drying machines, air conditioners, dishwashers use the least amount of energy and have reduced emissions too.

7. High Ceilings

If you live in a warm climate, your environmental house should have high ceilings up to 12 feet. Taller ceilings keep the home cool and allow for better natural ventilation.

8. Solar panels

solar panel

Solar panel design has evolved in recent years, and they’re quite attractive to look at. Depending on the number of panels you install, and your energy requirements, solar panels will cut down on conventional energy use. Swedish firm SolTech Energy produce beautiful roof tiles made of glass, which allow builders to incorporate rooftop panels in an aesthetically pleasing way.

9. Powerwall 2

If you’re planning to set up rooftop solar panels, then buying a Powerwall Battery makes sense, as you can store all the unused solar power to be used later.

10. LED lighting

LED lightingUse only LED lights in your luxury home, as it will reduce the amount of energy used in your home. Pendant lights which are made from green materials provide both uplight or downlight and look amazing and stylish. There are many designer light systems you can install to make your home greener. 

11. Green walls and roofs

Green walls and roofs will cool your home, and add a lovely design element to your home. You must have green walls, roofs and balconies for natural cooling and aesthetic beauty.

12. Eco-friendly mattresses

green mattressEvery single aspect of your home can be eco friendly, from cutting boards, cutlery to mattresses. There are mattresses which use natural fibers like hemp and materials like green tea to keep it fresh (Keetsa mattresses for example). You can do your research and find an organic mattress, such as Eco Terra natural latex mattress, which is great for your health and environmental health.

13. Geothermal cooling and heating

A luxury home can be heated and cooled by harnessing the natural warmth and the cool of the earth to make your indoor temperature comfortable the whole year. This technology will reduce your luxurious home’s carbon footprint comparatively small, as it will ne naturally cooled and warmed. You can set an example for others who are planning to build their own luxury homes by using green technology such as geothermal cooling and heating.

14. Orchards and vegetable gardens

Orchards and vegetable gardensVegetable gardens and fruit orchards have become a feature of luxury home estates. You can enjoy home grown organic fruits and vegetables. The fruit trees can provide shade for you and the birds and small animals around. Starting a composting pit on your grounds can give you organic fertilizer for your plants. You can grow citrus fruits, apples and even have a small vineyard.

Landscaped gardens both in front and in the back will make your grounds beautiful and create a clean, fresh and pure mini-environment around your home, filled with the natural fragrances of flowers and fruits. Besides, dabbling in your own garden is great for the mental, physical and emotional health for you and your family members.

15. Wooden cutting bench

The smallest changes can make a huge difference for the planet. For example, ditching plastic for sustainable materials like wood and bamboo for your kitchen workbench is an eco-friendly choice for your environmental house.

Using sustainable, locally sourced raw materials such as clay, stone, wood and thatch etc will reduce your green home’s eco-footprint. Your green luxury home can be built keeping in mind the environment which will be great for the planet and for you.

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