10 Ways to Save the Environment

Switch to LED energy saving bulbs

Environmental conservation has become one of the major global topics of discussion and for a good reason. It is also a major topic in college and students use writing services to get the best materials. The exponential population growth has led to an insatiable demand for natural resources leading to destruction of natural habitats, pollution and many other devastating effects. To stop this destruction and save planet earth, there’s need for quick action and every individual needs to take part. This article highlights some simple ways ordinary people can save the environment and also provides crucial research materials for students working on the topic. Read on.

Saving electricity:

save-electricityReducing energy wastage is one way to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Most of the electricity you use has a connection to fossil fuels whose extraction and use leads to environmental degradation.


Recycling is a smart way of reducing landfills in your area. Landfills contain harmful chemicals which pollute the ecosystem and hurt land and marine life.

Go digital:

Go digitalTo feed the paper making factories, millions of trees have to go down. You can go paperless and reduce reliance on papers to save the environment.


Like recycling, reusing helps reduce the non-biodegradable waste that ends up in landfills. From plastic bottles to reusable bags, there is a lot of stuff you can repurpose for other uses instead of throwing away.


Car poolingThe transport industry is one of the greatest polluters in the world. Worse still, the fossil fuels used to drive this industry causes devastating environmental damage. By carpooling, you will reduce pollution and minimize reliance on non-renewable energy.

Energy efficiency in cooling your home:

Use a thermostat in your house: Set your thermostat such that it automatically sets temperatures lower or higher than the outdoors. You should also use natural ventilation when possible and avoid reliance on the air conditioning.

Switch to LED energy saving bulbs:

use led LEDs not only help save energy consumption but also save on home maintenance. By improving energy efficiency in your home and business lighting, it means there’s less wastage. The demand on the national grid goes down and the reliance on fossil fuels used in production of electricity also dissipates. This is a positive move in saving the environment.

Save water:

Turn off water and save this important natural resource. Repair water leaks and this simple step will go a long way in averting further damage of the ecosystem in search of water.

Dry your clothes on a clothesline:

Dry your clothes on a clotheslineYou should consider trading your electric dryer for the good old clothesline. It is a great way to save on energy consumption in your home and your cloths will smell fresh always.

Walk or ride to work:

Just like with carpooling, you will help reduce greenhouse gases in the environment. The added advantage with walking or cycling is that at the same time, you will stay fit.

To sum up

Keep looking for new innovative ways to cut on energy consumption, reduce reliance on natural resources cut pollution and reduce landfills. If you need more research materials for your paper on environmental conservation, you can find an experienced paper writer to work with for a winning essay.

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