Will 'Nature' force political leaders share the Nile water with Uganda and other African upriver countries?

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An eon of colonial-era has kept reserved, the longest river of the world for irrigation only in Egypt and Sudan. It has all these days been denying its waters to Uganda and other upriver countries! But, three years of closed-door talks is opening up to let lights in.

Water ministers of nine nations will be meeting next month to produce a preliminary accord to help edge toward a deal to jointly oversee the waters of the Nile. All credits goes to the nature.

The level of nearby Lake Victoria has fallen due to drought and heat. These vast lake spills an outlet stream northward to start the Nile’s 4,000-mile meander. The river meanders through this region of jungle and crocodiles, crossing the camel-crossed Egyptian and the Mediterranean Sea deserts.

It might be ‘nature’ that is pushing political leaders toward compromise, according to the Nile Basin Initiative’s Gordon Mumbo. Nile Basin Initiative is an umbrella office for joint activities among the riverine nations. The regional project manager, Mumbo said,

One of the greatest realizations is that the waters of the Nile of Lake Victoria are finite. They can be depleted. The issue is how can people come together and best manage them today and tomorrow.

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