What is the Amount of Snow on Earth? Scientists Set Out To Discover

polar huskies

Researchers are preparing to collect snow samples from the Arctic. And for this, the team is preparing sled dogs to embark on the Arctic trek. It is to help NASA find out how much snow blankets the Earth, an expedition into the frozen Arctic kicks off March 12 from Alaska using dogsled teams.

The trek is one leg of a multi-sponsor five-year Go North! Expedition. In pursuit of environmental samples and observations, the expedition is made up of multiple dogsled treks that will explore the Arctic. With two dog teams of 25 polar huskies, seven explorers, including scientists and teachers, will mush from Circle, Alaska, across the Arctic through May.

Once the samples of hydro-meteorological snow data are collected, these will be analyzed to help validate snow pack observations from NASA’s Aqua satellite.

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Via: Terra Daily

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